IWIES 2013 – IEEE International Workshop on Intelligent Energy Systems (Vienna, Austria, November 14, 2013)

EEPOS Automation and Energy Management System for Neighbourhoods with High Penetration of Distributed Renewable Energy Sources: A Concept



Birthe Klebow (European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories (DERlab) e.V., Germany)

Arturs Purvins (European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories (DERlab) e.V., Germany)

Kalevi Piira (VTT, Finland)

Veijo Lappalainen (VTT, Finland)

Florian Judex (AIT, Austria)


This article presents the concept of an automation and energy management system for neighbourhoods with high penetration of distributed renewable energy sources. It will be developed in the frame of the European FP7 research project EEPOS (Energy management and decision support systems for Energy POSitive neighbourhoods). The EEPOS system shows a semi-centralized structure where energy management is carried out on two levels: neighbourhood (centralized) and building (decentralized). The main aims of the neighbourhood level energy management system are (i) matching of local electricity generation and consumption, (ii) congestion management in local electricity grids and (iii) power balancing on electricity market level. These aims will be achieved by shifting of controllable electrical loads. Additional functions of the EEPOS system are statistical data analysis and end-user involvement in energy management processes.


Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/IWIES.2013.6698567