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EEPOS Demonstration Site in Langenfeld, Germany

The German demonstration site in Langenfeld consists of 50 buildings with 820 dwellings, owned and maintained by the Bauverein Langenfeld eG, utilising renewable energy in terms of a combined heating wood chip plant and a building with a heat pump. The pilot area will be implemented in a part of a residential area, which was connected in autumn 2012 to a local heating network with a wood chip plant for the production of heating energy and electric energy. 38 tenants, which are participating until May 2013 in the European demonstration project 3-eHouses are also willing to continue their engagement in the EEPOS project.

The case demonstrates smart metering, building heat pump systems as well as district heating provided by the combined wood chip plant. All buildings have cable-TV-internet access provided by Unitymedia, which can be used to integrate the EEPOS internet interface system, to interact with the tenants. The project partner AIT aims to optimize the local heating network in order to improve the efficiency of the heating distribution. Ennovatis, as one of the technology partners in the project, uses the installed energy management system Smartbox to obtain energy consumption data which will be used for the EEPOS system.