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EEPOS Virtual Demonstrator for Municipality of Asparrena


For the energy system of the Municipality of Asparrena, a simulation based virtual demonstrator will be developed. Asparrena is located in the territory of Álava, Spain. The virtual demonstrator will focus on alternative renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric energy, biogas from waste, forest biomass, district heating, and small wind power. As a start, the existing system is reviewed and energy consumption data is collected for public buildings through simulation and energy bills.

One of the analyzed buildings will be the Araia Sport Center. The building outside has a football field, closed by a track for runners, which is facing to the Public School by one side. The construction of this building completes and complements the cultural and sporting needs of the inhabitants (music band, theater group, youth activity groups, sports teams …) of Asparrena, and in addition to strengthen attractiveness of this area of ​​the town, which is located in an spectacular natural environment. Total floor area is 2775.76 m2, and total used floor area is 2575.45 m2.

The simulator is used to evaluate alternative renewable energy sources. The software to be used will be based on TRNSYS (e-QUEST optionally). The powerful calculation tool allows temporary resolution of any type of system. TRNSYS is a software use for design and optimization of every type of energy systems (including renewable energy based systems) and for buildings, in terms of achieving in the best way a “Net Zero Energy Building” and “Zero Energy Building”, with the lowest energy consumption possible.