Information and Decision Support System

The Information and Decision Support System consists of the following subsystems:

  • Energy brokering tool (task leader: Fatman Oy)
  • Energy performance monitoring and operations planning tool (task leader: AIT)
  • End-user collaboration tool (task leader: VTT)
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) platform (task leader: Fatman Oy)

Using the energy brokering tool, EEPOS System operators can participate in energy trading on external energy markets on behalf of the members of the neighbourhood. The key function of the energy brokering tool is the anticipation of electricity sales and purchasing activities. Actual cost calculations, sales and purchasing of energy are carried out according to current consumption and forecast values.

The energy performance monitoring and operational planning tool performs historical and real-time energy data monitoring and statistical data analysis. The latter includes examination of discrepancies between predicted and monitored energy values, neighbourhood level benchmarking, value based automatic fault detection, basic level fault diagnostics and related functions for planning of neighbourhood level operations.

The end-user collaboration tool engages and motivates end-users to decrease their energy consumption and to shift energy appliances from peak hours to off-peak hours of the day. To achieve this, the main functions of the tool are end-user energy performance reporting, benchmarking and guidance, neighbourhood discussion forums, energy saving games or contests in the neighbourhood, and targeted energy saving group actions trough crowdsourcing.

Finally, the ICT platform serves as a mediator between the two EEPOS subsystems and external data sources as, for instance, predicted electricity price profiles or weather forecasts required for efficient neighbourhood energy management.