23 September 2015
EEPOS Virtual demonstrator Langenfeld is now operational

Based on the specifications of the dwellings in Langenfeld, a virtual demonstrator was created that allows to experiment with the available demand response potentials. This demonstrator uses dynamic thermal simulation tools that are used for providing qualitative information on the thermal performance of energy systems and buildings. All buildings are represented in a simulation environment and backed up by real-world monitoring data. The goal of the virtual demonstrator is to prove the methodology and show replicability of the solution.

17 September 2015
EEPOS Virtual Demonstrator workshop/presentation in Municipality of Asparrena

On 17th of September 2015, a workshop/presentation about EEPOS project was carried out in the Municipality of Asparrena, at the Town Hall located in Araia. In the workshop/presentation participated around 26 people, Mayors or Councillors of different municipalities located nearby Asparrena (17 people)as well as common inhabitants of Asparrena (9 people).

This dissemination activity, was done to involve and engage the people of the municipality of Asparrena and the representatives of other municipalities to the project, explaining the results and conclusions of the Virtual Prototype, developed in different public buildings of Asparrena, within the EEPOS project.

The workshop/presentation lasted for almost 2 hours, with a short introduction of the EEPOS project and consortium (15 mins) done by Arkaitz Gobantes from the municipality of Asparrena and an explanation of the Virtual Prototype developed in Asparrena, describing its results and conclusion (45 mins), explained by David Lanceta from Solintel.

An interesting discussion took place after the presentation(50 mins), with the involvement of almost every participant of the workshop/presentation. Different municipality representatives of the North of Spain, were very interested in the project and in its results. At the same time, Asparrena's inhabitants also got a good picture about what is EEPOS project about and how it can help us managing better the energy sources and energy grids.

7 September 2015
EEPOS at the ComForEn 2015

As part of the ComForEn 2015, the 6th Symposium on Communications for Energy Systems in Vienna, EEPOS members participated in the Workshop "Energy Management in Smart Buildings", which was organized by Gerhard Zucker of AIT. Two of the workshop contributions, "Energiemanagement auf der Nachbarschaftsebene" ("Energy Management on a Neighbourhood Level") and "Innovative Konzepte in der Gebäudeautomation" ("Innovative concepts in building auotmation"), the EEPOS partners AIT and DERlab showcased project results and challenges.

11-12 June 2015
EEPOS consortium in Madrid

EEPOS held a two days of consortium meeting in SOLINTEL Office in 11-12 June 2015. The meeting combined a formal agenda with informal discussions on lessons learned, how to make a good impact improve dissemination. As the project was entering its final four months, the coordination of the final deliverables carefully planned to ensure their delivery within the upcoming vacation season. Despite the remaining challenges, all the partners were still enthusiastic about tacking the remaining project goals in good order and finalizing the examinations of the business potential of the EEPOS project outcomes.

A full list of all public Deliverables can be found here.

21 Aug 2014
Take part in Demand Response survey

! For everyone with background in energy management in distributed electricity systems.

We kindly ask you to take 15-minutes to complete a survey and let us know your expert vision on demand response systems.

Click here to start the SURVEY.

The survey has been launched within the EEPOS project. In the project we develop an electricity load management (demand response) system on electricity distribution grid level. The aim of the project is to foster the transformation of current electricity systems towards Smart Grids.

Your experience and opinion are important for us to support this aim. Your input will be used to support our work in development of a demand response system within EEPOS project in two field tests: in Finland and in Germany.

20-21 May 2014
EEPOS project presented at the University of Applied Sciences (HTWK) in Leipzig

Ennovatis has presented EEPOS poster (“Energy management and decision support systems for energy positive neighbourhoods”) in the exhibition area of the annual conference at the University of Applied Sciences (HTWK) in Leipzig.

Brochure EEPOS Demonstration

8.-11. April 2014
Representation of the EEPOS project on IFH-intherm fair in Nuremberg by ennovatis

The EEPOS project was a part of the ennovatis stand in the IFH-intherm fair in Nuremberg for building technologies. ennovatis presented project poster and disseminated flyers to interested visitors. Many visitors showed interest and asked to be kept informed about the further developments in the project.

Brochure EEPOS Demonstration

29 April 2014, 10:30-17:00
Joint workshop: "pinta", OGEMA, EEPOS

Place: Fraunhofer IWES, Wilhelmshöher Allee 254/256, 34119 Kassel

In the workshop EEPOS will organise a technical session "Energy management in electricity systems" (15:15-17:00) chaired by Arturs Purvins, researcher, DERlab. The session will start with two presentations and will continue with a technical discussion.

Presentation one: “Energy management in neighbourhoods: An EEPOS approach”

Presentation two: “Einsatz der EEPOS-Tools im Demonstrator Langenfeld”

Technical discussion on:
• The importance of demand response on distribution grid level for smart grid development
• The priority of demand response on distribution grid level for smart grid development
• The importance of support functions of demand response systems on distribution grid level related to local grid
• The importance of support functions of demand response systems on distribution grid level related to local generators
• The importance of support functions of demand response systems on distribution grid level related to electricity market
• The most important technical features of centralised automated demand response systems on distribution grid level
• The most serious barriers for automated demand response implementation on distribution grid level

The full agenda of the workshop can be downloaded here

17th March 2014
Information workshop with participants of German demonstrator

The project partner ennovatis GmbH invites all participants of the German demonstrator site to a common workshop at the tenant’s Café in Langenfeld. The objective of the workshop is to exchange information and answer questions about the planned activities on the demonstrator site. In preparation of the workshop the participants are asked to fill out a survey regarding the technical and economical possibilities to demonstrate the EEPOS project.

Brochure EEPOS Demonstration

Brochure EEPOS Demonstration

20th December 2013
The engagement of tenants for the German demonstration has started

The project partner ennovatis has started to deliver information brochures to a number of tenants, who live on the demonstration site in Germany. The brochure contains information on the project and describes how the tenants can benefit from participating in the EEPOS project.

Download the brochure here

 Brochure EEPOS Demonstration

EEPOS at the EEE IWIES Workshop in Vienna

Date: 3rd December 2013

On November 14th, the first IEEE International Workshop on Intelligent Energy Systems took place in Vienna, Austria.

DERlab e.V. joined the discussions and offered the following presentation:

EEPOS Automation and Energy Management System for Neighbourhoods with High Penetration of Distributed Renewable Energy Sources: A Concept

The correspondent joint conference paper written by DERlab e.V., VTT and AIT was awarded the best paper in the session "Energy Management Systems".

The abstract of the presentation can be found in the publications section of our website.
4 November 2013
EEPOS at the Smart Home & Smart Metering summit in Munich

The Energie&Technik Smart Home & Smart Metering Summit took place in Munich, Germany, from October 23rd until October 24th.

The EEPOS project partners DERlab e.V. and ennovatis joined the discussions as representatives of the EEPOS consortium as well as of the SmartCoDe consortium and offered a joint presentation:

“Von der Theorie zur Praxis: Energiemanagement und Lastverschiebung im Haushalt und auf der Nachbarschaftsebene am Beispiel der Forschungsprojekte SmartCoDe und EEPOS”
(Energy management and load shifting in households and on the neighbourhood level: Presentation of the research projects EEPOS and SmartCoDe)

Dan Hildebrandt from ennovatis presented previous work carried out in the EU project SmartCoDe which aimed to demonstrate and validate energy management technologies in a local grid. Birthe Klebow from DERlab e. V. explained the objectives of the EEPOS project as well as the current status of the EEPOS demonstrations.

The abstract of the presentation can be found in the publications section of our website.
22 October 2013
Three new tool specification reports are now available for download

The project consortium is currently implementing the software tools for the EEPOS Neighbourhood Energy Management System.

Five of the reports specifying these tools are now publicly available for download:

Two further specification reports will follow, soon.


27 September 2013
Invitation to Participate in the EEPOS Online Survey on Microgrid Development

The EEPOS online survey is now ready for your participation.

With the survey we collect the views of stakeholders and experts on possible microgrid development. Your view will support the development of the EEPOS Neighbourhood Energy Management System which will be tested and demonstrated in two field tests in Finland and in Germany.

Whether you are an expert from industry or a research organization, working for a distribution system operator, having expertise in design or deployment of energy management systems or being an interested person living at one of our demonstration sites, please take some minutes to participate and support our research.

To particpate, please click here.

24 September 2013
Presentation of EEPOS within the frame of the German DKE initiative “Energiewende 180°” for the transition towards sustainable energy supply - article now available in English

The German DKE initiative "Energiewende 180°" presents innovative projects fostering the German energy turnaround, the transition towards sustainable energy supply and smart grids.
The EEPOS project is presented in the initiative compendium which is now available as free e-book in
English and German.
12 September 2013
Energy Positive neighbourhoods as key elements towards resource efficiency and carbon neutral cities and EEPOS platform specification presented in Nice

From September 9 – 11, the international conference ICT for Sustainable Places organized by the RESILENT project took place in Nice.

EEPOS partners DERlab and VTT took the chance to join the discussions and represented EEPOS with two oral presentations in two sessions of the conference:

Furthermore, EEPOS participated in a round table for common topics discussion with other project from the same cluster scope: Odysseus , Ambassador, IDEAS and INTREPID

Please find the EEPOS presentation slides as well as the related abstracts in the publications section of this website.
9 September 2013
Now available for download: EEPOS - Specification of ICT and decision support systems platform

The EEPOS ICT Platform will serve as a mediator between energy management, automation and decision support tools. The platform is currently being implemented, its specification is now available for download.


24 July 2013
EEPOS - Specification of Automation Platform

EEPOS - Specification of Automation Platform document Specification-of-EEPOS-automation is available for download now.

EEPOS - Specification of Automation Platform
07 May 2013
Overall Architecture Specification

The first EEPOS deliverable document Overall Architecture Specification is available for download now.

Overall Architecture Specification
Kick-Off Meeting in Espoo, Finland (Oct. 22 – Oct. 23, 2012)

The EEPOS consortium started its activities with the kick-off meeting in Espoo, Finland.
The meeting was hosted by Caverion and VTT and took place in the Caverion Villa Kolikari (Oct. 22nd) as well as in the VTT offices (Oct. 23rd).
EEPOS consortium in Madrid (11-12 June 2015)

EEPOS held a two days of consortium meeting in SOLINTEL Office in 11-12 June 2015 . The meeting was not only formal but mainly a lot of good discussions. The lessons learned so far and how to make a good impact and dissemination were the main subjects of discussions. The project is having now last four monts ahead and the coordination of the final deliverables mixed into holidays was carefully planned. It was Delightful to discover that all the partners seem to be still enthusiastic towards the project end and especially the companies envisaged increasing business potential as the EEPOS project outcome.

Full list of the Deliverables can be found in the publications/Project Reports – page.